BMW M5 E39 Autobahn & Nurburgring

It was a Saturday morning in November and I had decided to call Nurburgring and ask them when they close for the season. They tell me they close tomorrow, last day of season. I’m 2200km away, it is 3:00PM. I do the math if I leave in 1 hour, drive 100kmh average speed (Poland will be very slow but Autobahn will make up for it) then in 22 hours I can be at Autobahn, and maybe get couple laps in… no time to think, time is of the essence. I jump in the car and take off to Nurburgring. Here’s the video of getting on Autobahn at 7AM on a Sunday morning after driving for over 1000km in thick Lithuanian and Polish fog all night (probably worst drive of my life).

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