East Eurotrip

Somewhere in Lithuania, rest pause
Warsaw at night on one of main streets
Warsaw business district in the background
Warsaw old town
Warsaw city walls, still standing
New pedestrian bridge in Warsaw
2-story bridge in Warsaw
Downtown Warsaw
One of main restaurant streets in Warsaw
One of main restaurant streets in Warsaw
One of main restaurant streets in Warsaw
View from hotel window, Warsaw city square
Approaching the business district
Approaching the business district
New Warsaw – business district
New Warsaw
Feels very Cyberpunk vibes. Figure Cyberpunk 2077 was created in Warsaw
The very iconic Warsaw building
Looks like a war monument
Starbucks. So capitalist of us.
The car was vibrating slightly at 140kmh+ on the Polish Bahn, so tire balance it is somewhere in the middle of Poland.
Subway is international road food.
War machines being sent east.
Rapeseed already yellow in Poland.
War machines heading east.
Coal Power on where Czechia, Poland and Germany meet.
Surely he’ll be glowing tonight.
Prague, Czechia
Old town Prague
Old town Prague
Old Town Prague
Hotel Parking was non existent @ old-town so we checked in 2km outside city center
Some highly regarded food place, figured we check it out. Nice atmosphere.
Downtown Prague
Commie Trams still running strong
Clique Prague shot
Food and meat markets along the river, on both sides and quite crowded
Tourist hell in Prague
Tourist hell in Prague
Tourist hell in Prague
Tourist mayhem in Prague. All these people are watching the clock hit 2PM.
Middle of somewhere Bohemia. Crashed the night while on the road to Vienna.
Gotta fuel up in Bohemia.
Oil top off in Bohemia. Since you can see the label, let the “which oil” debates begin.
Entering Vienna, Austria
Sunday in Vienna
Vienna downtown. Make no mistake, around the corner is tourist mayhem.
I was just testing the camera.
non-Austrians grilling in the park on a Sunday
Castle looked important, so we took a picture.
Old town Vienna
Old town Vienna
Old town Vienna
Outside Vienna is a massive oil refinery
Entering Bratislava, Slovakia
The UFO thingie is said to have overpriced mediocre food, but we passed just under it.
Street parked in front of police station in Bratislava
One of many cozy random bars in Bratislava
Downtown Bratislava
New Bratislava
Water front walk in Bratislava
Somewhere downtown Bratislava
Wind generation in Hungary
Blasting on the Hungarian ‘bahn to Budapest. The ‘bahn is perfectly smooth, something that can not be said about Budapest streets.
Took out a whole bunch of bugs while maxxxing out the Volvo
Budapest. Street looks safe but make no mistake, gypsies swarming and selling white flour to drunk tourists by the gram.
I have never been more concerned leaving a car on a street than here.
Clique Budapest shot, but it vibes so well!
About to park the car in underground safe gated parking.
Parisi Passage, Budapest
Downtown Budapest
Their castle is quite majestic.
One of many bridges in Budapest
Slovakian mountains
Somewhere in Slovakian/Tatra mountains
Windows XP wallpaper, but in Poland.
Waze is taking us through he roads less traveled in Poland since they are still building the highway.
McDonalds on the Polish Bahn, where each such rest stop is identical, is becoming an iconic thing.
Probably the last time I see heavy truck traffic in Lomza, Poland. This town has suffered enough, the last section of the Bahn is almost complete.
The average cruising speeds are among the highest (if not highest) in the world in Poland. The average speed over 300km distance is always higher in Poland than in Germany on Autobahn. Germany simply has too much traffic and too high population density.
That car was strapped well to the trailer if even when flipped over, the car remains strapped.
BFE Lithuania. Shadiest fuel station in my life. The reviews said they make it 5KM with the fuel before the car stops running.
Pictures do not do justice.