Volvo Wheels & BMW Style 65 Chrome Shadow Paint

I am quite excited about getting the Volvo wheels back from painter, next up are the BMW wheels. The Volvo wheels were test-wheels before we paint the BMW M6 Style 65 wheels in their original Chrome Shadow paint.

It’s been a long process, here are the results. The photos have not been edited, only resized, and shot with ‘neutral’ settings on a Canon 6D.

Colors in ambient UV light.

The Chrome Shadow paint is such a glitch in the way the paint plays with the light, even in video it is confusing.

Did an experiment on the 3 Photos above, I sampled Volvo logo white on 3 different pictures, in the same spot, to see how much brighter/darker the WHITE Volvo sign is on each picture, but the Volvo sign brightness is almost identical, all changes that I move one dimmed LED bar around and the contrast/Chrome shadow plays with light. .

Behind the scenes photo with Phone camera.